ISS Tim Peake

The ARISS UK Operations team is delighted to announce that the ARISS Schools contact between Ashfield Primary School in Otley, West Yorkshire and Tim Peake on the International Space Station has now been confirmed for Thursday the 5th of May at 0908BST.

It will be a direct contact operated by GB1APS.

The contact should be audible over Western Europe. Interested parties are invited to listen in on 145.800 MHz narrowband FM.

The Examinations Standards Committee have agreed that the Advanced amateur radio examination can be requested “on demand”.

This means that Advanced exams can be booked in the same way as the Foundation and Intermediate with the important exception that one calendar month’s notice must be given.

On demand bookings will commence on 1st May ie Advanced exams can be booked after then for any date from 1st June 2016.

AGM 2016

The Society AGM will be held on Friday 20th May with a 20:00 hours prompt start.
Any proposals or amendments to the society constitution/rules should reach the secretary in writing (identifiable emails are acceptable) no later than 6th May 23:59 hours.
Nomination forms for the committee and officers will be available to members from next Friday evening.
As usual, proxy voting privileges will be available for the members that can’t attend due to work commitments and those that have moved away from the area.

April 8th 2016. 20:00 hours

Martin G3ZXZ the proprietor of Mirfield Electronics will be holding a stall and giving a short talk on some of the products he supplies. All are welcome (and guests) to come along and grab yourselves a bargain or three..