A few members have asked if there is a way they can donate towards the upkeep of the club during the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

I’m pleased to say a PayPal account has been setup solely for to receive donations from those who wish to do so.

Members can make a donation via No longer available

Please note this is entirely voluntary and any amount no matter how big or small will be gratefully received.
Paypal will not take any of your donation. All proceeds will go to the Club.

Donations received in June 2020:-

Ivan G6EZG, Paul M0XZT, Dave G1NYN, Bob M7RMW(X2), Allen 2E0AGB, Andi 2E0GGX, Mick M0LEV, Simon M7SYM, Andy 2E0THP, Paul 2E0FTS, Graham M0LUD, Marc 2E0VTN, Daren 2E0LXY, Peter M0WEC, Charles M0OXO, Chris G7NPL, Philip G7BSL, Keith M0KYI, Mick 2E0MD, Paul M0PYB.

Donations received in July 2020:-

Paul M0XZT, Andi 2E0GGX, Dave G1NYN, Peter M0WEC, Marc 2E0VTN, Paul M0PYB,

Donations received in August 2020:-


Donations received in September 2020:-

Mick M0LEV, David G1NYN, Paul M0XZT, Paul 2E0FTS, Daren 2E0LXY, Keith M0KYI, Bob M7RMW, Peter M0WEC, Andy 2E0THP, Darren M7DUB, Charles M0OXO.


Donations received in October 2020:-

Peter M0WEC,