Exam Updates

There’s been a lot of confusion about potential exam questions during the changeover of licensing conditions.

This was released on the RSGB News this morning..

GB2RS (21/6/15):

“With the new UK amateur licence now in place, the exams need to change to reflect the current licence conditions. The RCF gave notice that the new rules will be examined from the 1st of October. The RSGB is now working on updates to the Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced training books and a further announcement will be made as soon as the ‘Extras’ are available. These should enable anyone preparing for an exam after the 1st of October to have the current rules clear in their mind. It is worth noting that the old licence conditions will continue to be examined until the end of September. If anyone has any questions about these changes, please contact Philip Willis, M0PHI, who is chair of the RSGB Training & Education Committee tec.chair@rsgb.org.uk”